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focus | Wellness


Unlock your daily edge. Focus | Wellness is designed to elevate your mental performance for the now, while supporting your overall wellness for the long-run.

How does it work? It's simple: lion's mane, cordyceps, chaga, and collagen peptides.

Lion’s mane and cordyceps sharpen focus, heighten mental clarity, and increase energy so you can fly through your to-do list. Chaga and collagen peptides work behind the scenes to boost immunity, improve skin hydration and elasticity, strengthen hair and nails, and support a healthy gut.

15 packets per box. Take daily for optimal results.

See Full Benefits

See Full Benefits

It's all in the ingredients.


Type: Mushroom, Adaptogen

Benefits: Sharpens focus, heightens mental clarity, improves memory and cognitive health*


Type: Mushroom, Adaptogen

Benefits: Boosts energy and alertness, reduces fatigue, improves mental and physical endurance*


Type: Mushroom, Adaptogen

Benefits: Supports the immune system, improves skin health and promotes anti-aging, reduces inflammation*


Type: Amino acid, Protein

Benefits: Improves skin hydration and elasticity, strengthens hair and nails, supports gut and joint health*

Suggested Use

When to take it

Take Focus | Wellness when you need a mental boost: in the morning to kick-start the day or afternoon to fight off the 2pm slump. Can consume multiple packets per day. Take daily for optimal results.

What to mix it in

Mix in your drink or food of choice (our favorites are hot coffee and tea, smoothies, and oatmeal). It’s your routine, reimagined.

Real people. Real results.

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